Audio recordings released in NOPD officer shooting

New Orleans, La. - Chilling police tapes from the morning when Officer John Passaro was shot in the line of duty are released.

Criminal justice experts say the report shows a brave officer went into the store on Poland Avenue alone without all the information he needed to assess a potentially deadly situation. Passaro is the fourth police officer shot in the line of duty in the past year, and experts say it emphasizes the importance of two man units and a complete analysis to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Officer Passaro was shot last Saturday morning as he responded to a dispatcher's call for help investigating an incident which occurred at the Dollar General store at Poland and St. Claude Avenue.

In the recording obtained from Project NOLA, you can hear the dispatcher talk about a robbery at that location and an employee bleeding.

About one minute later, officer Passaro acknowledges he's on the scene. Thirty seconds after that, you hear a man identified as an off duty Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputy pick up the downed officers police radio and call for help.