John Young grilled at JP Housing Authority hearing

Gretna, La. - The ongoing battle between Jefferson Parish President John Young and some members he ousted from the troubled Jefferson Parish Housing Authority played out Friday in a tense hearing before the parish council.

Some of the board members who Young ordered be fired late last year made an appeal to keep their positions before the council.

All of this stems from a scathing HUD audit of the housing authority and how the board reacted to pressure to fire its Executive Director Barry Bordelon.

HUD's inspector general issued a report last August saying there was serious financial mismanagement at the housing authority and that the authority could be forced to pay back more than $ 600,000.

In response, after pressure that he would be fired, Bordelon resigned and then was hired as the housing authority's maintenance supervisor.

Young said that was outrageous and ordered the board to fire Bordelon. When they didn't, he ordered a half dozen board members removed.

Attorneys for some of the board members are appealing Young's decision.

Some of the ousted board members have refused to quit, and besides appealing Young's decision to the parish council, they're also fighting in court.