City council to vote on domicile law for city employees

New Orleans, La. - A hot button issue is up for a vote before the New Orleans city council Thursday.

The council will decide whether to relax the city's domicile law for new employees.

Having a law requiring city employees to live in New Orleans has been a bone of contention for police unions for years.

Before Katrina, the city had a law in place requiring all of its employees to reside in Orleans Parish. Now Councilwoman Stacy Head wants to soften that law.

Head's ordinance would give newly hired city workers 180 days to move into New Orleans and give the mayor authority to exempt some workers from the domicile rule.

After Katrina, the city council suspended the law and reinstated January 1st.

But police unions say it hurts police recruiting at a time when manpower is an issue.

On FOX 8 Morning Edition Thursday, councilwoman Latoya Cantrell says she supports having the law which mandates workers live in the city if hired after January 1st.

Cantrell doesn't believe the law will reduce the number of qualified people applying for city jobs.

Anyone employed before December 31st is grandfathered in.