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St. Tammany Sheriff: Iraqi war veteran was "unable to find the help he truly needed"

Abita Springs, La - A man who lives just down the road from 32-year-old Jason Glover is among those in Abita Springs just learning that Glover was shot and later died.

"I don't even know what happened," said a neighbor. "Somebody just told me that police shot him."

Around 11:00 Friday night, Glover's girlfriend called 9-1-1 saying her boyfriend had a handgun and had threatened to kill her. When deputies arrived, they say Glover got out of his vehicle with a gun and pointed it at a deputy. The deputy shot Glover twice. Glover died Saturday morning in the hospital.

St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain has this to say in a statement, "This is a truly tragic situation... This young man has struggled greatly to adjust and to recover from his experience. Sadly, he and his family were unable to find the help he truly needed."

Glover was an Iraqi war veteran who returned home with significant injuries, according to the Sheriff.

"This is a tragic event. It's a tragic in so many ways," said Psychiatrist Dr. Howard Osofsky with the LSU School of Medicine. He serves on a state commission working to better address the needs of men and women returning from war with both physical and emotional scars. "PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, trying to struggle to regain his life," said Dr. Osofsky. "It's very difficult for our service men and women and they deserve a great deal of help."

Dr. Osofsky says the Southeast Veterans Administration System is expanding and improving services for soldiers and their families. Unfortunately, he says even with help available, problems often go undetected. Others fear treatment and the stigma that comes with it.

"It's quite frequent to see veterans who are struggling," said Dr. Osofsky. "So much can be done to help our military and they deserve it."

According to Sheriff Strain, Jason Glover didn't get the help he needed after returning from Iraq. The Sheriff close out his statement saying, "Today the thoughts and prayers of the Sheriff's Office go out to this family during their very difficult time."

The Sheriff says, as with all deputy involved shootings, there will criminal and internal investigations. Meanwhile, the deputy who fired the fatal shots will be offered counseling and time off if needed.

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