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Women's group protests outside of St. Louis Cathedral against "male only" conclave

New Orleans, LA -- Roman Catholics across the New Orleans metro area attend Sunday mass at the St. Louis Cathedral as the College of Cardinals prepare to select new Pope.

"He gave a great sermon, hope for a new Pope and that's what we're hoping for the spirit will guide everyone in the right direction," says Parishioner, Michelle Bentley.

"On Tuesday they will begin to surface potential names, and then Wednesday and Thursday that will begin to unfold, I suspect it will be just a few days when we will be able to say we have a new Pope," says Former Archbishop of Alfred Hughes.

While Catholics pray inside, members of the Women's Ordination Conference demonstrate outside in protest to the "male-only" conclave selecting the next Pope.

"Sixty Percent of women are mass goers, 80% are lay ministers in our churches are women. So we are calling for women to be ordained as priests. Women as well as men feel that call from God," says Jennifer Molina of the Women's Ordination Conference.

Molina says group members will be on hand at the Vatican to protest.

The protest is part of an international series of protests in response to the male-only conclave.

The protests will take place in ten cities throughout the United States and in Rome.

"They will send up pink smoke to remember that women, there are no women's voices in that papal conclave that will begin on Tuesday of this week," says Molina.

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