Brister: Coroner's documents are not sufficient

St. Tammany Parish Coroner Peter Galvan has turned over documents to the parish, but Parish President Pat Brister says the documents are not what she wanted to see.

The parish sent a public records request earlier this month, asking for the office's policy on leave and sick time.

Brister explains, "We also requested the time sheets for Dr. Galvan so we could see how his leave time or sick time was recorded and would be budgeted."

The request was made after a series of Lee Zurik investigative reports revealed Galvan's pay stubs. The pay stubs showed he took no vacations in 2011 or 2012. Records show Galvan cashed those days out and paid himself $67,000. But our investigation found Facebook photos showing Galvan and his wife traveling the world.

When Brister received documents from Galvan's office Monday, she was surprised to find only vacation- and sick-leave request forms for Galvan.  "It is not at all what we requested," Brister said.

Galvan gave the parish 17 forms, nine of which were signed and dated February 28, 2013. That's one day after FOX 8 revealed the Facebook photos of his travels.

On one form, Galvan asked for five days off in 2007 from September 10-14. But at the bottom of the page, where a supervisor's signature and date are required, Galvan signed and dated the request on February 28 of this year. That's more than five years after he took the vacation.

Pat Brister isn't sure why Galvan would sign time-off requests years later. "I'm confused about that. I don't know what that means," Brister commented.

The parish president says it only raises more questions so she wants to see the other documents the parish has requested from him.  A new letter was sent to Galvan Tuesday morning, asking for his timesheets.

Brister says if Galvan's office doesn't turn over the exact documents requested, she'll consult the parish attorney to see what else can be done legally to get that paperwork. "We have outlined specifically what we're asking for, so we fully expect to get that," Brister said.

The parish president says the investigation into Galvan is embarrassing for the parish. "I take it personally, frankly, because I think the public sees when one elected official fails in their duties in one respect, then it looks bad for all elected officials.  And I think there's a lot of damage done," Brister commented.

She says it's time for Galvan to speak up about what's been going on in his office.

The FBI recently sent a federal subpoena to Galvan, asking for a long list of records. FOX 8 called Galvan Tuesday for comment on this story, but could not reach him.