Web Exclusive: St. Tammany Coroner's Office cash-outs not limited to Galvan

According to public records obtained by FOX 8 News and sources, only a handful of St. Tammany Coroner's employees were able to cash out unused sick and vacation time.

St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister has requested information from the coroner, asking who has cashed out over the past few years. That request comes after a series of FOX 8 News stories showed Dr. Peter Galvan paid himself $177,000 in unused vacation and sick time since 2004.

Records we've obtained show other employees were cashing out too. In 2011, a total of six of the 23 employees were paid for unused vacation and sick leave.

 Dr. Peter Galvan Coroner $35,742.80
 Dr. Michael Defatta Chief Deputy Coroner $59,292.10
 Mark Lombard Chief Investigator $16,483.20
 Kim Kelly Chief Financial Officer $15,696.00
 Melanie Comeaux Executive Director $6,922.80
 Regina Jensen Administrative Assistant $3,135.64

Two sources associated with the Coroner's Office tell FOX 8 News most employees were unaware or never told they were able to cash out unused sick and vacation time.

That may be because of an office policy put into place in 2000.  In our March 13 report, FOX 8 News showed that the office policy specifically states an employee cannot cash out any unused vacation or sick leave until their employment is terminated.

Nonetheless, Dr. Galvan allowed himself and five other, mostly high-level employees to be paid $137,272.54 in 2011.

Regina Jensen is not on the coroner's 2012 payroll, so she likely left the office.  If so, she would have been eligible, per the 2000 policy, for some unused sick and vacation time.