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GNO, Inc head talks economic gains, CCC lights

GNO, Inc. CEO Michael Hecht GNO, Inc. CEO Michael Hecht

New Orleans, La. -- More and more calls are coming into the city about potential business opportunities. It is a sign the city is poised for more economic development, according to Michael Hecht, chief executive officer of GNO, Inc.

"We are doing better than we could have possibly imagined just a few years ago. We are literally at the top of lists we were never on years ago," Hecht said.

He told us there is growth in various sectors, including advanced technologies, oil and gas, and medical.  "In terms of tech, we're getting calls from companies in California that want to move here," he said.

However, Hecht acknowledges that a slowdown is expected as more of the Katrina recovery dollars are spent.  "When the Katrina money is spent down, the rest of the country is coming out of the Great Recession... We're going to suddenly be back at parity with the rest of America and that's why it's so important that right now we consolidate our gains," he said.

Hecht also weighed in on the Crescent City Connection lights issue. After the tolls were suspended recently, the state said it did not have the funds to keep operating decorative atop the bridge. Hecht said he is concerned about the situation.

"I think the better question is, how do we take this challenge and pivot and make it better?  So how do we now instead of putting the old lights back up, get a set of lights like on the Superdome? That's what we're so good at now is taking a negative and making it a positive.  We should do the same thing with the bridge," said Hecht.

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