Son arrested after police find parents' severed heads in a refrigerator

Investigators looking for a missing Hong Kong couple reportedly found their severed heads in a bloody apartment, leading to the arrest of their son according to Fox

A 29-year old man appeared in a Hong Kong court Monday in connection with the deaths of his parents, whose heads were found in a refrigerator, Sky News reports.

Police continue to search for the missing body parts of Chau Wing-ki, 64, and his wife, Siu Yuet-yee, 63, who were reported missing by their eldest son on March 9. Their younger son told police his parents were traveling to mainland China, but investigators became suspicious after they failed to find records of the couple leaving the city.

Cops detained the 29-year-old son and his 35-year old friend Friday. The arrests led officers to a building on the outskirts of Hong Kong where they discovered a bloody scene, including the victims' heads, a chopping board, knives, saws, plastic boxes and bags containing other body parts.

While the heads were in the refrigerator, parts of the couple's arms and legs were found elsewhere in the apartment.