After Further Review: Saints stick to script with Watson signing

(AP Photo) Watson becomes the Saints' 2nd free agent signing.
(AP Photo) Watson becomes the Saints' 2nd free agent signing.

For the Saints, this is what they do.

They never ignore the first wave of free agency (as their interest in Paul Krueger and Nnamdi Asomugha would suggest.) But under Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis they come hard in week two. That's where they believe the best deals lie.

It's the blueprint that landed players like Curtis Lofton and Darren Sharper.

The second tier of 2013 free agency class is officially here and right on cue the Saints came out swinging with the signing of steady veteran tight end Benjamin Watson.

Watson doesn't jump off the page as a very sexy move. But when you think of him along with Jimmy Graham in the Saints diverse set of packages then all of sudden his addition makes sense and even generates a little excitement.

Watson may be 32 but ironically, his thirties have been his most productive. Since turning 30 during the 2010 season, Watson has averaged 51 catches a season. His twenties with the Patriots he averaged just 33 catches a season.

But regardless of stats, the Saints will find a role for him. That's how Payton operates his offense. He's the best at highlighting a player's strengths and putting him in a position to succeed.

The monetary figures have not been released, but Watson signed a three-year contract which most likely carried a very cap-friendly figure, at least in year one.

Once again, the Saints value value. And Watson is another player that has potential to have a bang that outweighs his buck.

Now all they need to do is add a few more like him. And as history suggests, this is when they will look to find them.