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Louisiana tops list of states with most expensive car insurance

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Foster City, Calif. - The way Louisiana drivers handle car accidents is part of the reason why the state ranks at the top of a list of states with the most expensive auto insurance.

Insure.com says a high number of Louisiana drivers who are in accidents file bodily injury claims. That prompts insurance companies writing policies in the state to hike premiums.

According to the industry web site, the average annual premium is nearly $2700. That's more than $1000 above the national average.

The Jeep Patriot Sport is the cheapest vehicle to insure in the state, according to an Insure.com news release, while the Mercedes-Benz S65 sedan is the most expensive.

Maine has the cheapest insurance rates. Annual premiums there go for about $934.

"Even if you live in a state with high average rates you can probably reduce your bill," said Amy Danise, editorial director of Insure.com. "Shopping around is the best way to save the biggest amount. But even if you don't want to switch insurers, you can ask your company if you're getting all possible discounts and check insurance rates before you buy your next car – similar vehicles can have large insurance differences."

You can read more on the report at Insure.com.

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