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Bogus emails about Pope Francis create malware problem

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Mountain View, Calif. - Technology junkies say you need to be careful about a rash of emails about Pope Francis.

According to Symantec, scam artists are spamming people with emails about the Pope that create malware problems. The emails have subject lines that suggest the pope is being sued for a variety of reasons.

Symantec recommends you delete all emails with that type of information in the subject line.

Symantec issued the following press release about the malware problem:

The Vatican City has been in the news a lot in the past few weeks due to Benedict XVI's resignation and the election of Pope Francis. Spammers have picked up on this opportunity for spreading malware.

Symantec Security Response has observed attackers distributing spam which leads users to a site hosting the Blackhole Exploit Kit. The good news is, Symantec customers are protected and this threat.

The spam email alleges to be from a well-known news channel. The following subject lines are used in this attack:

Subject: Opinion: Can New-Pope Benedict be Sued for the Sex Abuse Cases?

Subject: Opinion: New Pope, Vatican officials sued over alleged sexual abuse!

Subject: Opinion: New Pope Sued For Not Wearing Seat Belt In Popemobile

The domains used in the email have all been recently registered. Clicking on the link contained in the email directs the user to a compromised website that hosts the payload.

Abusing the popularity of a well-known news agency increases the chances of a successful attack. However, Symantec customers are protected from this threat by multilevel protection. We advise our readers not to open unsolicited news emails and to keep their security software up-to-date in order to stay protected from online threats.

(Information in this report complied by FOX 8 and Symantec.)

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