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Historic French Quarter restaurant in danger of closing

New Orleans, La. - Time may be running out for a New Orleans landmark. After more than 150 years of serving up food and memories at the corner of Decatur and Madison, Tujague's Restaurant and Bar is in danger of closing.

Beef brisket with Creole sauce is a slice of history served up at 823 Decatur Street. "It's a regular stop on all four of our tours," said Candy Kagan.

Kagan is a tour guide with New Orleans Culinary History Tours. She says Tujague's is an irreplaceable French Quarter gem.

"Not only for my tours, but to this city," said Kagan. "I was born and raised in New Orleans and I can remember coming to Tujague's as a child and enjoying the same thing that is served today."

Now, after more than 150 years in business, days could be numbered for the historic business. FOX 8 has confirmed that the future of the business is in jeopardy and a sale of the building is in the works. We have also learned that there could be additional information available Thursday afternoon about what happens next.

The building and business are owned by the Latter family.

"There's two parts of the family," said Louis Sahuc, who says he is a Latter family friend. "There's the part that owns the restaurant and the part that owns the building, and I'm hoping the part that owns the building let's the restaurant stay."

Stanford Latter owns the property; Steven Latter owned the business.  Steven passed away in February. Now his son Mark Latter is operating the business and its online presence.

Tujague's Facebook and Twitter pages are asking fans to help "#saveTujague's".

Retired riverboat captain Clark "Doc" Hawley says he has decades of Tujague's memories. "Really makes me sad to think this place would close its doors," said Hawley. "There goes one of the mainstays of New Orleans History."

It's not gone yet. Posts such as "We're still here after all these years and we hope to keep it that way!" headline the Tujague's Facebook page.

Candy Kagan is glad there's a fight to keep the doors open and keep this stop on her New Orleans Culinary History Tours. "The Grasshopper was invented here," she said. "They're serving the same menu they served in 1850 and if you really want a piece of New Orleans history, this is the place to come. I would just be heartbroken, as I'm sure many true New Orleanians would be, if Tujague's would not continue and I wish the Latter family the best."

A source tells FOX 8 that businessman Mike Motwani is the potential buyer. He owns several businesses in the French Quarter, including a number of T-shirt shops.

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