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State Police Chief: Cadet class needed

BAton Rouge, La.- For the fifth year in a row, there will be no State Police cadet class in Louisiana.

Colonel Mike Edmonson told a state legislative budget panel today, he's doing more with less, but he desperately needs more troopers on the road.

Louisiana State Police are everywhere.. patrolling roadways, responding to disasters, and often helping cities like New Orleans with special events.

But with no cadet class since 2008, there are fewer troopers actually on the roads.

575 today, compared to 650 five years ago.

State police superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson told the House Appropriations Committee, it doesn't pay to have another recruit class if his budget just keeps shrinking.

"It's going to be difficult to have a class and hire people, then lay them off if the cuts continue" said Edmonson.

Right now, the budget for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, which includes State Police, is 378 million dollars for the upcoming fiscal year, a 15 percent decrease.

Adding to that problem: hundreds more troopers could leave their jobs in the next few years.

This summer, 100 of them become retirement eligible... leaving lawmakers concerned.

Colonel Edmonson told the committee that there really needs to be a cadet class by 2015.

Colonel Edmonson says he's learned to make do with less.. but says he'll have to look for new ways to fill the void.

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