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Police release new information in missing teacher search

New Orleans, La. - The NOPD certainly hasn't given up on their search for a 26-year-old school teacher who's been missing now for nearly three weeks.  Instead, detectives have released information about their findings so far.

It turns out, early in the evening on March 2, Terrilynn Monette started her night with a friend on Frenchman Street before police say she headed to Metairie.

"She went to a restaurant on Veterans. This was maybe about midnight and then she went with his friend to Parlay's where she met three other individuals." says Lt. Chris Kalka.

Once at Parlay's Bar in Lakeview, Monette and her friends spent time at the bar, but police say she was not consuming a lot of alcohol.

"We've interviewed both bartenders. We've interviewed the bouncers. We've interviewed patrons there, as well as the men that she was with and she certainly did not consume an excessive amount of beverages and she was not cut off at any point by the bar." says Lt. Kalka.

Police determined that Monette's cell phone stopped working when the battery apparently died, just before 1:00 a.m.

"About 3:30, she went out to her car with one of the men. She was in the car with him for about 45 minutes. That man left about 4:15 a.m.  He said at the time she was passed out in the driver's seat and appeared intoxicated. It was best for her to quote, unquote, sleep it off," says Lt. Kalka.

At 5:13 a.m., police tell us surveillance video shows Monette's car backing out of the parking lot and turning onto Harrison Ave. Police say she took a left onto Marconi and then disappeared.

The NOPD now wants to talk to a jogger who was seen on the red light camera at Harrison and Marconi, just minutes after Monette's car was captured on video. They're also working other angles.

"My detectives have interviewed half of dozen of what we consider aggressive sex offenders that live within a two-mile radius of Parlay's and her apartment. There are many things that we also can't get into right now, but believe me, we are working around the clock." says Lt. Kalka.

Crimestoppers has upped the reward in this case to $5,500.  The NOPD says close to 100 tips have come in to the hotline and that police are investigating each and every one of them.

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