Lee Zurik Investigation: FBI wants Slidell's records in Galvan probe

Sources in St. Tammany Parish tell FOX 8 News the City of Slidell has received a subpoena from the FBI, asking for documents related to a contract with Dr. Peter Galvan.

The subpoena comes after two of our stories that mentioned the contract and questions about the arrangement.

Peter Galvan -- the doctor, not the coroner -- has a $47,000 contract with the City of Slidell.  The money pays for Galvan to treat sick inmates at the Slidell jail, but our investigation showed Galvan never actually goes to the jail.

We pulled jail logs that show Galvan sends Mark Lombard to look after the inmates.  Lombard works for Galvan the coroner as his chief death investigator and makes $109,000 a year.

Our sources say the FBI has asked the City of Slidell for the contract and those jail logs.

We raised some significant questions in our last report about this contract.  Is Lombard doing work at the jail while also working for the Coroner's Office essentially double billing?

Here's another question: Is Galvan's private medical practice paying Lombard for his work at the jail?  If not, is Galvan essentially using a public employee, Lombard, to handle the work for his private practice?

Those are questions the FBI may be asking as well, as they continue to investigate Galvan and also examine his contract with the City of Slidell.