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Five North Shore teens charged with criminal mischief

Covington, La - Members of the Covington Police Department investigated several calls of criminal mischief in a Covington subdivision. Police received the calls Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.

According to Covington Police, officers were notified that several teenagers were ringing doorbells, beating on houses, stretching garden hoses across roadways and placing patio furniture in the streets. Complainants told police that these actions have been occurring for over a year in the Savannah's Subdivision.

A responding officer was able to locate five teenagers, but when the officer approached, the teens fled on foot in different directions. Additional officers arrived to join the search. Witnesses provided one of the officers with the names of two of the teens wanted.

Officers proceeded to a neighboring subdivision to locate the teens. The officers located a teenager who fit the description, exiting the subdivision. The teen who was covered in mud and scratches, gave police a fake account as to where he had been. The name on the driver's license matched one of the names that the police had. The teen was sent to police headquarters with his parents.

The parent of the second juvenile arrived at the police station with his son and the three other juveniles. The juveniles were interviewed along with their parents. All five of the teens were charged with criminal mischief. Of the five male teens, three of which are 16-years-old and the other two are 15-years-old. The teens were released to their parents after being booked.

Officers told the teens that they are not allowed in the Savannah's Subdivision again, unless they are accompanied by their parents.

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