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Thousands expected for Crescent City Classic

New Orleans, La. - Regan Greco and Lauren Olsen planned a trip to New Orleans for the weekend.  The cousins love to run so they signed up for the Crescent City Classic.

"It should be a flat course, right?" says Olsen. "So hopefully it's not too hard."

"We have our tutus ready, we're going to run in costume so we're pretty excited," says Greco.

The two will join more than 22,000 other runners for the 10K race.  Organizers of the Crescent City Classic expect a massive turnout this year because of the beautiful weather and changes to the course.

"We're running actually through the French Quarter and up Esplanade Avenue where you used to run out of the French Quarter so I think there's some attractiveness to that," says race director Eric Stuart. "Plus we went to a corral system this year. It used to be that strollers and walkers sometimes got in the way of the serious runner. This year they're going to be corralled in their own separate corral so runners will get a chance to run, strollers will stroll and walkers will walk with walkers."

Stuart says the sport of running is becoming more popular than ever and Louisiana, a destination for those who like to pound the pavement.

The CCC Health and Fitness Expo highlighted other upcoming races around the area and the growing number of groups focused on fitness and fun.

Happy's Running Club meets every Wednesday to work out and then celebrate.

"We have a handful of people that it's really important to them," says member Brett Sanborn. "We run more than once a week, as many as five times a week and then you have just your leisurely runners that come in and have a couple of beers and like to hang out."

And that's what makes the Crescent City Classic one of the most popular races of the year.

People of all fitness levels can enjoy a beautiful morning passing some of the most scenic spots in New Orleans.

When the runners reach the finish line, the party begins.

"The slow people in the back smile a lot more than the fast people up front," says event spokesperson John Sartori. "It's a great day. Come on out."

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