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Medicaid contract company claims it did nothing wrong

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - The company whose nearly $200 million Medicaid contract with the state has been canceled says it didn't do anything improper to get the work.

CNS sent a letter to the state Department of Health and Hospitals this week objecting to the contract termination. Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration scrapped the contract after details leaked about a federal investigation into the contract award.

CNSI attorney Kathryn Harris wrote to DHH seeking to discuss the contract, saying the state hasn't provided any factual basis for the cancellation.

Jindal's health secretary Bruce Greenstein is resigning amid the ongoing investigation

Greenstein once was an executive at CNSI, though he's denied any involvement in the contract award. But he acknowledged that a change he pushed in the bid solicitation made CNSI eligible for the Medicaid contract.

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