Florida Amber Alert connection to Slidell explained

Cole and Chase Hakken (photos from missingkids.com)
Cole and Chase Hakken (photos from missingkids.com)
Joshua and Sharyn Hakken (photos from missingkids.com)
Joshua and Sharyn Hakken (photos from missingkids.com)

Slidell, La.-  An Amber Alert issued in Florida for two abducted children includes Slidell as one of many areas of interest to investigators.

Florida authorities issued the Amber Alert for 2-year-old Chase and 4-year-old Cole Hakken.

Investigators say the children's father, Joshua Hakken, took the children from the home of their grandmother who had temporary custody in Tampa. Police say Hakken tied the woman up and made off with the children one day after he and his wife Sharyn lost parental rights to the children.

The case that led to the termination of their parental rights started with a drug arrest at a Slidell motel in June of 2012.  Slidell police say they were called to investigate a disturbance involving the couple. Police called in the Office of Child Services because they were alarmed by what they describe as "bizarre" behavior and comments.

Officers say the Hakkens were talking about "completing their ultimate journey" and claimed they were traveling across the country "to take a journey to the Armageddon."

The children were placed in temporary state custody. Joshua Hakken was booked on drug charges for possession of marijuana and for using the drugs in the presence of minors.

Slidell police say they were notified about two weeks later when Hakken turned up at the foster home in Hammond demanding the return of the children at gunpoint. They say the foster parents called 911 and Hakken fled without the children.

Slidell police say they heard nothing else about the couple until they were contacted by the FBI and Florida authorities who informed them of the abduction in Tampa and asked for any and all information they had on the Hakkens.

Florida investigators believed the Hakkens were driving a black, 2006 GMC pickup truck with a University of South Florida license plate, U95KT.  But late Thursday night, several local news outlets, including FOX 13, reported that the truck had been found in a parking lot in Madeira Beach, in the Tampa area.  No one was inside the truck, and authorities are now probing it for clues.

It is unclear whether the boys' mother, Sharyn Hakken, was involved in the abduction. Florida investigators say they have been unable to locate her.

You can see the Amber Alert for yourself by clicking here.