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Crews search Myrtle Grove canal for missing Hammond man

Victor Navarro Victor Navarro

Myrtle Grove, La - The search continues for a Hammond man who disappeared Thursday night after driving into a canal. It happened in Plaquemines Parish near the Myrtle Grove marina.

For two days crews have been combing a canal looking for Victor Navarro. The Hammond native, who is living in Plaquemines Parish for work, was last seen at the Myrtle Grove bar at around 10:30 Thursday night. Commander Eric Becnel with the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office explains, "He had called a friend of his that said he had just left a bar. He had gotten lost in the area and the next thing you know, a second phone call was made to his friend at which time he stated he had driven his vehicle into water. Water was filling up in his vehicle, with the water up to his knees."

Orange markings near the canal indicate where Navarro's truck went into the water. The truck was found with the windows rolled down, leading investigators to believe the 32 year old man escaped from the vehicle. But he hasn't been seen or heard from since.

"We think maybe he made it to the shoreline but he has a medical condition that we're concerned with and it appears from the vehicle there's impact so he may have sustained an injury," Becnel said.

Joining the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office in the search are agents from Wildlife and Fisheries. The Slidell Police Department is also using their own sonar equipment to search the water. And a volunteer group from Slidell brought in cadaver dogs.

Volunteer David Gravseth explains, "The dogs stand on the bow of the boat. The handlers are trained to look for cues from the dogs and the dogs will make special moves, they'll act agitated or point their nose in the direction of the cadaver scent."

Navarro's family has been patiently waiting for word on his whereabouts, keeping a close eye on the search efforts. Commander Becnel just hopes these search crews can bring some sort of closure to the family saying, "If this was one of our loved ones, we'd want the same thing so the sheriff's office is going to deploy and request as much assets as we can to help this family recover or find Mr. Navarro."

The search for Victor Navarro continues Sunday.

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