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Uptown residents remember slain AmeriCorps volunteer

Residents in the Carrollton neighborhood remember crime victims Residents in the Carrollton neighborhood remember crime victims

New Orleans, La - Two people were shot Sunday night, just blocks from the start of a march for victims of violent crime. The march still drew a large crowd of people, many who came out to remember AmeriCorps volunteer Joseph Massenburg, who was gunned down last week.

Residents of the Carrollton neighborhood gathered Sunday night to remember a life taken too soon.

AmeriCorps volunteer Felicia Bosley says, "The violence in the city is absolutely ridiculous and to me, whether I knew the individual or not, as an AmeriCorps member, we are a giant family and my heart definitely reaches out to the family."

Eighteen-year-old Joseph Massenburg was shot and killed last Monday while talking on his cell phone in the Hollygrove neighborhood. His mother, Sharon Massenburg, explains, "He told his friend that he saw a guy in a car with a gun. His friend told him to run, and the phone went dead after that."

Sharon Massenburg says Joseph wanted to enlist in the military after his stint with AmeriCorps. His dreams were cut short just three weeks into his stay in the city. So far, no one has been arrested for the crime, which is why NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas says the department needs the public's help. "This type of opportunity to make his memory known will hopefully incite people, who saw something, you know, somebody always sees something give us a call, call Crimestoppers and help us solve this case," Serpas said.

But it's not just Massenburg's murder that is so concerning to this neighborhood. Hours before this march two men were shot. Saturday night, two others were victims of gun violence nearby. Residents gathered at the march say the violence needs to stop.

"If we had an easy answer the problem would be resolved but what we can do is show our support of the community and show our support of those who have had this loss and be here to pull together," said resident Barry Brantley.

It's a sentiment also echoed by Joseph Massenburg's mother who says, "We have to give our kids, youth something else to do to look forward to. Motivate them to make better choices and think…not doing enough as parents and adults to reach our children. We have to see what we can do to give them better opportunities, especially in the inner city all they see is violence."

These residents are hoping to change that, because they don't want to see anyone else, lose a life.

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