Crawfish Boil- Ritz-Carlton


  • Crawfish 35 lbs.
  • Onion 10 Each
  • Orange 6 each
  • Lemon 4 each
  • Smoked sausage 2 pack
  • Red bliss potato 15lbs.
  • Mushroom 4 pint
  • Corn on the cob 15 ear
  • Crawfish crab boil seasoning 1 can
  • Liquid boil 1.2 cup
  • Celery 1 stalk
  • Salt to taste

Bring onion, celery, orange, lemons, potato, mushroom, to a boil with salt, liquid boil and crawfish crab boil seasoning and sausage for 10 minutes, check the seasoning level to ensure it is to your liking.

Check the doneness of the potato with the blade of a paring knife, the blade should go through easily, when the potato have the desired consistency, add the crawfish when the pot has reach a boiling stage again, let the crawfish cook for 2 minutes, add the corn and stir in order to push the crawfish to the bottom of the pot, to make sure they absorb the maximum flavor.

Let them sit in the liquid for 30-40 minutes.