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Terrebonne Parish Council passes saggy pants ordinance

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The Terrebonne Parish Council has passed an ordinance prohibiting people from wearing pants that hang well-below the waistline, exposing underwear or skin.

Councilman John Navy introduced the measure, and he reports the council passed it on an 8-to-1 vote Wednesday evening after a public hearing. It now goes to the desk of President Michel Claudet, who will sign it into law if he supports it -- it's not clear when he'll review the measure.

Violators of the ordinance would face a $50 fine on the first offense, even community service for repeatedly letting their pants hang low.

Navy told FOX 8 last month that saggy pants are everywhere in his community, and it's a problem only getting worse.

"I've seen extreme measures where they're actually holding their pants almost by their knees, holding it up and you see undergarments and other things," he told us in March. "Why would you say that's okay?"

Navy said he received complaints about saggy pants from church groups and neighborhood watch committees, so he proposed an ordinance. It's modeled after one in Shreveport, which Navy says has been enforced without any challenges more than 300 times.

Lafourche Parish also has a saggy pants ordinance. Sheriff Craig Webre says it's been enforced about 45 times since it was approved in 2007.

Navy insisted Wednesday night that the ordinance is in no way designed to target anyone specifically or to foster racial profiling.

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