After Further Review: How Smith signing impacts Saints draft

(AP Photo) Saints add depth to their offensive line with Jason Smith signing.
(AP Photo) Saints add depth to their offensive line with Jason Smith signing.

Now that the Saints have added tackle Jason Smith, they've essentially addressed every major offseason need on this roster.

But don't get it twisted. The Saints did not take Smith, a first round bust with the Rams, with the assumption that he is the savior.

Of course Smith could surprise us all and become the player everyone thought he would be when he was taken second overall.  It could happen but I'd be willing to bet the Saints aren't holding their breath on that one.

Consider this, just minutes after the Saints announced the Smith signing, a well-informed source told me that Ohio State tackle Reid Fragel was in town for a visit.

Point being, the Saints are still looking at options at the position and really all positions.

What the Smith signing really does is underscore the theme in how they will approach the draft. And it should be a surprise to no one.

They are taking the best player available. Period.

They will not reach for a need. That's just not how Sean Payton rolls.

By filling most needs via free agency, they now have the green light to grab whoever they feel is the best player when their chance to pick comes up. They could still go left tackle. Or wide receiver. Or outside linebacker.

No position, with the exception of starting quarterback, will be off limits nor will it be a specific target. It's all about the player now.

It's the way they've always approached it. And given this offseason's class of free agents, that approach will continue.