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Thousands attend French Quarter Fest Saturday

French Quarter Festival French Quarter Festival

New Orleans, La - Thousands of people showed up at the French Quarter Festival Saturday which is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year. Music lovers came from far and wide for the festival, but it's the locals that keep this event going strong.

The Dickerson family love coming to French Quarter Fest year after year to celebrate 11-year-old Ethan's birthday. Deborah Dickerson explains, "We come out here every year for at least the past five years. I think it's fun, great weather."

They are one of thousands of local families who make coming to this festival a yearly tradition. Michael Lena says, "It's free music unlike Jazz Fest which is $70 bucks a pop to get in, and this is all local music."

According to event organizers, about half of attendees are from New Orleans and the surrounding areas. The other half come from all over the country, and the world. But it's the locals that consistently keep coming back year after year.

Juanita Dauphin says, "I love it! I've always liked it, always. I have to come out at least once a year, once during that week."

The dedication of people who love the fest has helped the event grow. Last year, attendance surpassed half a million. And this year, the crowds have been thick. "The crowd has been much larger now, much larger. We have to kinda fight to get through," noted Dickerson.

Sally Eastman worked at Maximo's Grill tent serving food this weekend. Eastman says the tent ran out of one dish for a short time because they had so much demand. Eastman says, "I think it's double. I think there's way more people than last year."


There were so many people, that entertainment spilled out onto the streets surrounding the big stages, with crowds filling up Decatur, Royal Street and many others. It all makes for the largest free music festival in the south.

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