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Feds indict five reputed gang members in New Orleans

A federal grand jury has indicted five New Orleans men on drug and gun charges. Mayor Mitch Landrieu says the men are gang members who were investigated as part of the city's NOLA For Life program.

Late last year, FOX 8 first told you about the top secret meeting that Mayor Mitch Landrieu and several local law enforcement agencies held with 600 men identified as members of violent crime groups in the city.

Landrieu explains, "We went to a lot of young men and said we want to give you the opportunity to really make good decisions so you can have good consequences in your life."

Those good consequences include job prospects, workforce training, and substance abuse help. But there are bad consequences too.

"If you head in the other direction, you need to be clear that we know who you are, know where you are and this community now has no tolerance for the kind of violence that we have," said the mayor.

Landrieu says the five men indicted by a federal grand jury didn't heed his advice. The men range in age from 20 to 23 and are allegedly part of the "MMG" gang. They're charged with distributing crack cocaine and illegal possession of firearms.

"Unfortunately, you know, for them we basically meant what we said.  So I think what you're going to see now is, coming out of both the federal judicial system and the state judicial system, is indictments coming down of a number of groups and gangs over time," the mayor said.

The five men were investigated by the Multi-Agency Gang Unit. The unit includes NOPD detectives and federal agents who do the street work. There are also two assistant district attorneys and two U.S. attorneys assigned to the group to help facilitate the prosecution of gang members.

The indictments against the five men are the first for the newly-formed gang unit. Mayor Landrieu is confident they won't be the last.

All five men allegedly committed their drug trafficking activities in the 7th Ward.  They now face up to life in prison if convicted of the charges against them.

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