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New Orleans Police arrest high level drug dealer

New Orleans, La.- New Orleans Police say they've taken a major heroin dealer off the streets.

Officers would not release the suspect's name yet. They say they arrested him Tuesday after having him under surveillance.

Police made the arrest in the River Garden neighborhood.

They say the suspect had over a kilo of heroin in his possession among other drugs. 

New Orleans Police Sergeant Dan Adam said,"This type of arrest is few and far between. To get this much heroin, uncut.  It's got a street level value of about a quarter million dollars or 300,000 dollars. This is a very very high level individual and this is a substantial arrest."

Officers also confiscated more than 8,000 dollars and 3 ounces of waffered cocaine.

Police say they booked the suspect with possession and distribution of heroin as well as flight from an officer.



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