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Boston residents have difficult time trying to get out of town

Boston residents fly into Louis Armstrong Airport Boston residents fly into Louis Armstrong Airport

New Orleans, La.- While the city of Boston was on lock down Friday, many people had to find alternate ways to get themselves to the airport for flights out of town.

Over the course of the day Friday, hundreds of people arrived at Louis Armstrong International Airport from Boston. Although 1500 miles from home, many couldn't stop thinking about their family and friends back in Massachusetts.

Christian Jason said, "It's crazy. I'm coming in for the kitchen and bath show and I left my family and two kids, but I gotta come here for work, so, it's a little heart wrenching."

A number of these passengers flew in on airline that is equipped with televisions. "I've just been glued to the TV on the plane ride down here...seeing the images of the suspects and someone so young, it's just hard to believe", said Boston resident Michael Nislick.

Even harder to believe,Rachel Handren, who's in town for this weekend's Ironman competition, says she often swam at a pool in Boston, where she says the 19 year old suspect was a lifeguard. Handren commented, "I didn't really know him but I kinda, looking at pictures now, I recognize him."

Many of these Boston residents say they experienced tight security in and around Logan Airport Friday and some even had to adjust their plans just to make it to the airport. "We went ten miles extra just go get to the airport so I wouldn't have to go through… maybe a mile from the crime scene," said Wayne Duprez.

Aurelie Alger added, "They had police cordoned off the entrance to Logan Airport so you had to actually wait to go through the line and then they were checking all of the taxis, they were actually making them open their trunks and searching the taxis."

Although an inconvenience, the travelers say they didn't mind because this past week in Boston has seemed like a nightmare. A nightmare that ended Friday night.

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