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Organizers of Ironman Triathlon beef up security

New Orleans, La - Two thousand people will compete in an Ironman Triathlon Sunday in New Orleans and race organizers say there are a few changes to the event after the bombings in Boston earlier this week.

At Armstrong Park, organizers of the Ironman Triathlon spent Saturday setting up barricades and tents in preparation for the two thousand athletes who will finish their competition there.

The race starts at South Shore Harbor with a swim in Lake Pontchartrain. Alongside the athletes will be a number of jet skis...manned by employees of a private company that trains law enforcement officials. Race organizer Bill Burke has also arranged for more NOPD officers and state troopers to patrol the route on motorcycles. "Motorcycles are something that can get in and out very easily," Burke commented.

Burke made adjustments to his course after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Just hours after the attack, he was in contact with the local Office of Homeland Security to brainstorm every possible scenario that could occur in New Orleans.

Burke recalls, "Let's make sure everybody knows, what's going to happen if "this" happens, what do we do if "that" happens, what ability do we have to stop the race cause it's not that easy to do that."

The race organizer remains optimistic that those emergency contingency plans won't be needed. In fact, athletes we spoke to at South Shore Harbor say they're confident they'll be safe during tomorrow's competition. Many say they've already noticed an increase in security.

"They've done a really good job of making sure that each of the racers, you know, we have our bands, we have just tickets for friends who are going to be helping us out. I think they've got it covered," said Monica Graves.

Bill Burke says despite all of the additional planning he's done this week to make his participants safe, it'll be a nerve-wracking day for him, until each athlete crosses the finish line, and the event is over.

And those two thousand athletes will remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings by participating in a moment of silence before their race begins Sunday morning.

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