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Intense City Council hearing about State Police investigation

New Orleans, La. - During an intense hearing, the State Police Superintendant faced New Orleans Council members and the public about an alleged take down of two teens the Sunday before Mardi Gras.

The incident was all caught on tape by a nearby camera in the 700 block of Conti Street. It angered a lot of people and many are still upset.

Colonel Mike Edmondson reviewed the findings of an internal investigation conducted by the State Police.

He says the group of 8 undercover troopers acted appropriately when they approached two teens in the Quarter on February 10th.

He says the troopers suspected the two were juveniles and attempted to i.d. them.

Edmondson says the troopers identified themselves as State Police, but one of the teens reached for his pocket and the other tried to flee.

He says that's when the troopers detained the two young men using appropriate force.

Colonel Edmondson says race was never a factor.

The 17 and 18 year olds involved told FOX 8 they had no idea they were being rushed by State Police.

Also in the video, the mother of one of the teens, an 8th District officer is seen walking up to the troopers and grabbing for her son.

The troopers did let the teens go with the officer.

Colonel Edmondson says he's asked the NOPD to review her actions.

Council member Susan Guidry and Latoya Cantrell, along with members of the public disagreed with the State Police and the findings of the internal investigation.

The Justice Department and the FBI are now reviewing the video.

Councilwoman Guidry said the NOPD was invited to attend but declined.

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