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French Quarter armed robberies suspect arrested

New Orleans, La. - NOPD officers think they know who's been holding up numerous people at gunpoint in the French Quarter.

They've arrested Terrell Tucker for at least five armed robberies that happened between April 17 and April 20.

Investigators say victims helped investigators create a computerized sketch of the gunman. That led to an arrest of someone who resembled the sketch who was spotted in the quarter. Later, victims positively identified the suspect as their robber.

"Arresting a serial armed robber who was preying on people in the French Quarter was a top priority for Eighth District detectives.  They were determined to get him before his robberies escalated to possible shootings…and they delivered", said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

"Our officers' investigation was focused and immediate, and because of them, the Quarter is a safer place today".

Tucker has been booked with 5 counts of armed robbery.

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