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Mid-City woman discusses shooting of 8-year-old grandson

A family photo of Damon Harris A family photo of Damon Harris

A Mid-City family is waiting and worrying about the health of an 8-year-old boy, shot twice in a Mid-City driveby on Tuesday.

The family of 8-year-old Damon Harris is still trying to make sense of the shooting. The boy's grandmother says he normally stayed inside, but slipped away and got caught in the crossfire.

Diane Davis said, "All I could hear was boom, boom,  boom, and I said, 'Mama, get inside.'"

Davis brought her mother in from the porch, then realized her grandson was still outside.  "My little grandchildren said 'get the children,' and when we got him he was full of blood," she told us.

With the help of police, the boy's grandmother tried to stop the bleeding with towels as friends called 911.  "It didn't take them no time, they were here just as it happened," Davis said.

Three doors down, two men on a porch lay fatally wounded by the gunfire.  "I guess they were new to the neighborhood because I didn't know none of them," said Davis.

Damon's grandmother says doctors at University Hospital have been working valiantly to save the boy's life. His condition has been upgraded from critical to stable. "He's been operated on five times," said Davis.

Davis says she tried to keep her grandson inside, but he was just a boy. "Sometime they ease out the side door, or the back door, and I go out and get them," she said.

As Damon fights for his life, his grandmother waits and prays for his recovery.

New Orleans police are looking for two gunmen who may have fled the shooting scene in a red Chrysler minivan. They ask that you call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 if you can help solve this case.

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