Security cameras may soon dot Harrison Avenue

An example of a surveillance camera
An example of a surveillance camera

New Orleans, La. - Harrison Avenue in Lakeview is bustling with people as cars dodge orange cones from construction in the area.  With the uptick of activity, there's worry about a possible uptick in crime.

"Each business could easily put up a camera and easily accomplish what you want," says Sgt. Joe Bouvier of the NOPD.

During a Lakeview Crime Prevention District meeting Thursday evening, there was discussion of business owners placing cameras all along Harrison Avenue.

"It's a good selling point because businesses don't want to lose customers because of crime and there are so many businesses in that area now," says Sgt. Bouvier.

St. Dominic's Church is already installing cameras after a 72-year-old woman was robbed inside of the church as she prayed last month.

"We even walked through the church to decide where the cameras should go and how to wire everything," says Sgt. Bouvier.

"Project NOLA has donated cameras to go on the property of St. Dominic's Church that will point toward Harrison Avenue," says Bryan Lagarde.

Lagarde is the founder of Project NOLA, an organization that helps residents and business owners get cameras at a fraction of the cost. Project NOLA has about 400 cameras around the city but few of them are in Lakeview.

"Of course in an abundance of caution, many are interested in cameras that could possibly be linked to a central network like Project NOLA, where we could go ahead and help with the police response and get that video to detectives as they're responding," says Lagarde.

The Lakeview Civic Improvement Association is working on some type of program for business owners and gathering information about installing those cameras.