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No charges so far in stabbing death of teen in Gentilly

Police say a woman came home to her place on Gibson Street Wednesday night, grabbed a knife from under her pillow and fatally stabbed an 18-year-old man hiding in her closet. Sources tell FOX 8 the subject was in a relationship with the woman's 15-year-old daughter.

It happened in the old St. Bernard projects, which have changed dramatically since Katrina. Now called Columbia Parc, the rebuilt housing development has become a haven for hundreds.

But Wednesday night, something horrible happened in the 3900 block of Gibson St..

The mother fatally stabbed Tyrone Scott when she came home and found Scott hiding in her room. The woman, who's not being identified by police, has not been charged in the Wednesday night incident.

NOPD spokeswoman Remi Braden said, "Evidence collected and all interviews conducted so far in this case indicate that the woman who admitted to the stabbing was home early, and was shocked when she encountered the 18-year-old man in her bedroom closet."

Sources say the mother kept a knife under her pillow, and stabbed Scott to death when he surprised her as she went to the closet for a change of clothes.

"If someone is in my closet, and I didn't know him, I would have attacked him. I'm afraid for myself," said neighbor Rosalind Cager.

Neighbors say there didn't appear to be any problems in the woman's home.

The police statement goes on to say, "The investigation thus far does not suggest that this woman had planned to seek out the teenager to murder him. The investigation is on-going.

The police have yet to file any charges in the case.  The woman who stabbed Scott remains free, and police say she is not considered a flight risk.

A grand jury investigation is possible at some point, but the Orleans District Attorney's Office is not looking into this case just yet.  Spokesman Chris Bowman says the police department has not yet sent them a police report.

When they do, Bowman says, investigators will look into whether charges should be filed, or if this was a justifiable homicide. 

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