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NOPD investigates burglary spree in 5th District

Police advise people who live in the Bywater and the 7th Ward to take precautions and keep their eyes open after a run of burglaries. NOPD's 5th District is seeing nearly four burglaries a day in the last week, and many say it once again proves the need for more police.

New Orleans police are investigating 27 residential, business, and car burglaries in the past week in a district that includes much of Gentilly, the 7th and 9th Wards, the Marigny, and Bywater.

NOPD Detective Brian Mulvey said, "Several we believe are related and we have some viable suspects, and we are hoping to make some arrests in the future."

It's happening all hours of the day and night. Residents too scared to go on camera tell us that part of the problem is an influx of homeless people. Others say it's too much drugs and too few police.

"Of the 1,200 officers on the force, how many do we actually have on the street?" asked District "D" Councilwoman Cynthia Hedge-Morrell.

To try and thwart burglaries, police say cameras and better lighting are good options, but they say it's also important for property owners to remember the basics.  "First and foremost, lock your doors, be sure they are locked," said Detective Mulvey.

Police also urge residents to mark down serial numbers on valuables.

While police look for the burglars, they are also trying to put together two recruit classes budgeted for this year to increase officer presence on the streets.  Morrell said, "The math is simple -- we need 1,600 we don't need 1,200."

The NOPD says they have 26 qualified applicants so far for the first of two, possibly three, recruit classes budgeted for the year. That class is set to begin on May 20. Training lasts 26 weeks.

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