LSU Tigers go for win #41... and more

The LSU Tigers turned 40 Tuesday night. They got their 40th win of the season over an outmatched McNeese State team in a win the club clearly needed, in more ways than one.

With 10 regular season games to play, every victory helps LSU approach the ultimate goal, which is a national championship.  But it was just as important to win from a psychological standpoint.

The Tigers dropped their first series of the year last weekend against South Carolina, and back to back games for the first time this season. That's now out of their system.  Important, with a Florida team coming in this weekend which has won 11 of its last 13.

Pitching looks to be key in this Thursday, Friday and Saturday set with weather perhaps being a factor.

Aaron Nola has been outstanding with three straight complete games. Ryan Eades and Cody Glenn have also been solid, but the bullpen will likely be a factor with weather potentially causing some delays Thursday.

LSU coach Paul Mainieri says his guys are more than ready: "The goal is not to win 40 games, the goal is to win the national championship and that will always be the goal as long as I'm the coach here. But to win 40 games in a regular season, I think is a very significant accomplishment."

LSU is the third ranked team in the nation. The Gators are ranked number 19.