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Jazz Fest resumes, mud, rain and all

New Orleans, La. - Even through the pouring-down rain and the sloppy mess it created at the Fair Grounds, Jazz Fest goers never missed a beat.

Forecasters had warned people about the rain and many came prepared.

"I think it's a matter of a poncho and a Ziploc bag to put your cell phone in and you're set," says Black Lagarde.

"You can have all three seasons in one day in New Orleans. Today we had spring, summer and fall," says Harvey McElveen.

In fact, the day started off sunny and hot, but by late afternoon people found themselves ditching their shoes and pulling out the umbrella.

While the rain may have been a bit of an inconvenience to some, it was great for business at "The General Store."  400 ponchos sold Thursday afternoon and more are coming for the next expected round of rains Friday.

Last month was the fifth wettest April on record.  

While it's the rain people are dealing with now, get ready for a mostly dry and unusually cool weekend.

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