Man accused of shoplifting says he took store's name literally

According to Fox, a man accused of stealing items from a New Hampshire thrift store called Finders Keepers is trying to clear his name, arguing that he was confused by the store's name. reports that Ruben Pavon was shown on surveillance video allegedly taking a grill from the porch of the Derry thrift shop.

"I grabbed the box," Pavon told the station. "It was a fire pit, something like that. It turned into a grill, and I took it home."

Pavon said it wasn't the first time he had taken something from the store. He admitted to stealing a DVD player on the porch, thinking it had been left for people to take, according to the report.

The store's owner, Laura Barker, told the station she doesn't buy Pavon's defense, arguing that he could have at least checked with someone at the store to verify that the items were not free.

"I don't know of any stores where there's free stuff," she told "It would be nice if there were. I'd be there on a regular basis myself."

Pavon, who was allegedly seen on video with a child helping him carry the box off the porch, said he is not a bad person and wants to clear his name.

The stolen items have been returned to the thrift shop and police in Derry are still investigating the incident, according to the report.