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Mother of murdered child satisfied with his killer's sentence

A family photo of Ja'Shawn Powell A family photo of Ja'Shawn Powell

The mother of a two-year-old boy murdered by his own father says her child can finally rest in peace.

Daniella Powell faced Danny Platt in court Thursday for the first time since Platt slit their baby's throat four years ago to avoid child support payments.

"I still can see every smile. I can still visualize every laugh," Daniella said about her son Ja'Shawn, who is buried in an unmarked spot in Providence Park.  "When his daddy was at the door he ran to the door and said, 'My daddy here, my daddy here!' He told me he loved me and then he left. That's the last I remember of him."

Danny Platt told investigators he was plagued by thousands of dollars in back child support payments.   "I had a lot of pressure on me." Platt said.

Daniella spoke in the courtroom when a judge sentenced Platt to life in prison without the possibility of parole. "He didn't look at me, not one time. He held his head down the whole time," she said.

Platt pleaded guilty to murdering his son at the park at Jackson Avenue and Simon Bolivar a week after a judge ordered him to pay $4,000 in back child support. After Platt admitted to killing his son, Daniella says he told investigators chilling details of the child's last minutes of life, details that haunt her.

"He and my baby sat there and talked for a while and then he just grabbed him and started cutting his throat," she said.

When asked if she ever questioned letting him go she replied, "I say that all the time and my family says there's nothing I could have done."

She said when she left the courtroom she felt the breeze.  "I looked at the sky and knew my son was resting now," she told us.

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