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Ironton church re-opens after Hurricane Isaac

Plaquemines Parish, La - Nine months after Hurricane Isaac nearly destroyed it, a church in Plaquemines Parish, re-opens. The community of Ironton came out Sunday to celebrate, and give thanks.

At St. Paul Baptist Church, the sounds of praise could be heard well outside the church door. This is a day these church members knew would come....even after Hurricane Isaac tore through Ironton and almost destroyed this sacred building. Church member Christopher Vaughn said, "We're just blessed come back home."

Joining in the celebration, members and pastors of neighboring churches, that took in St. Paul congregants in the nine months after the storm. Many of the visitors brought gifts Sunday to help the church get back on it's feet.

The church was able to open it's doors once again thanks to donations. Members gave money after flood waters ruined the pews, carpeting and most of the inside. But the biggest check came from a group that had never even stepped foot inside the building, executives from Phillips 66, the company that owns the Alliance Refinery just down the road from Ironton.

Rev. Haywood Johnson, Jr. explains, "Phillips 66 donated to the community $100,000, not just to the church but to the people in the community and that enabled them to buy some things that they lost in the hurricane also."

That's because a good number of these congregants lost their homes to Hurricane Isaac. And it's not the first time they've been victims of a hurricane.

Myrna Davis says, "We lost a house from Katrina. We replaced a double wide trailer with that and then we had to replace another double wide with that, so we've been back home three weeks."

And it may not be the last time. But they say, leaving Ironton, isn't an option. "This is home and there's no place like home. I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world," Davis said.

After all, this community is a tight-knit one, who will stand together, strong, against anything that comes their way.

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