Ex-Jefferson Parish president reports to prison

Aaron Broussard (right), walking with attorney Robert Jenkins (File)
Aaron Broussard (right), walking with attorney Robert Jenkins (File)

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard on Monday started serving a federal prison sentence of nearly four years for his role in a bribery plot and payroll fraud scheme.

Broussard reported to the low-security facility at a prison in Butner, N.C., according to a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons.

Broussard was sentenced in February to 46 months in prison. He pleaded guilty in September to conspiracy and theft charges.

Broussard was charged with plotting to secure a lucrative parish job for his former wife, Karen Parker. Prosecutors say Parker was paid $323,000 over six years for a job she wasn't qualified to hold and never performed.

Parker and former parish attorney, Tom Wilkinson, also pleaded guilty in the case and received probation.

Broussard also pleaded guilty to accepting payoffs to steer parish work to the owner of a telecommunications equipment and services company. The company's owner, William Mack, allegedly paid Broussard roughly $66,000 during his time in office in exchange for steering about $40,000 in parish work to Mack's company.

Broussard, a Democrat, resigned as president of one of the state's most populous parishes in 2010, ending a political career that spanned four decades.

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