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Man shot while grabbing robber's gun, lives to talk about it

Victim shows bullet protruding under his skin. Victim shows bullet protruding under his skin.

New Orleans, La. — A man who was shot while trying to grab a gun from a would-be armed robber in the French Quarter is fearlessly telling his story.

"I wanted to live," said Jeff Taylor.

So he admits doing what many people could not imagine.

"It was probably eight seconds total from the time they talked to us 'til the time that I got shot," Taylor recalls. "I just knew that I was with these two girls, it looked to me that the guy was going to shot me in my head, and something inside of me just told me to get that gun away from my face."

He said the gunman had the pistol very close to his head after the three suspects approached from behind and demanded money.

Taylor contacted FOX 8 News and said he wanted to share his harrowing story.

Last Monday, he was walking in the French Quarter about 4:30 a.m. with two female friends who were from out of town.

"We were trying to catch a cab home and we were walking on Dumaine and as soon as we crossed Royal, three guys ran up behind us with a gun and demanded money, put the gun in my face," he stated.

Police said the three suspects were wearing hoodies as they attempted the robbery.

"As soon as I saw his finger go towards the trigger I tried to get the gun. I ended up getting shot in the shoulder," said Taylor.

He had X-rays showing the damage the bullet caused, and the bullet was still protruding from his back.

"It was a pretty big hole.  That was a week ago... it shrank," he said pointing to the bullet's entry site.

Then he commented on the bullet pushing against the skin on his back.  "That's a big slug," he said.

FOX 8 News contacted one of the females Taylor said he was with when the incident happened. She spoke by telephone from San Francisco. She did not want her name used, but said it was a frightening experience.

"He came out of nowhere and it was a shock, they just came out of nowhere, all three of them. It was pretty scary, but we're happy that my friend is alive," she told FOX 8 News.

She said she will return to New Orleans, despite what happened.

As for Taylor, he said he decided to tell his story on camera and not shield his identity because he wants the public to help police solve the crime.

"Somebody has to have video footage of these guys sometime in between four o'clock and 4:30 Monday morning. And if somebody does, I just hope that they would bring that forward to the police, so hopefully we can catch these guys," he said.

He said when he decided to grab the gun he was not aware that a man in the nearby Marigny neighborhood had ripped a shotgun out of the hand of a would-be robber just days earlier. "I didn't know anything about it," he said.

Despite his horrifying experience on the well-traveled French Quarter block, he said he will not shun the area. "I've lived here my whole life, I've been down that street plenty of times, I'll probably be down that street sometime soon. I guess it was just bad luck that night," he further stated.

He said he has no regrets and would react the same way in the face of what appeared to be imminent danger.  "I think I'd rather take the chance of fighting and trying to save my life…Absolutely, sure," he said.

Still, he has some advice for those who tried to rob him. "They could have done something a lot less stressful to make money. You don't have to hurt people," Taylor said.

Taylor said he will have surgery Tuesday to remove the bullet from his shoulder.

A New Orleans police spokesman said investigators are still trying to identify suspects in the case.

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