Student posts principal's mugshot online, gets suspended

According to Fox, a Georgia high school student was suspended after posting his principal's mugshot on the social media website Instagram and claiming she was arrested for committing the wrong crime. reports that Keandre Varner, a senior at Riverdale High School, posted the mugshot of principal Jamille Miller-Brown on his Instagram page and said he thought she had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Administrators at the school district told the station Miller-Brown was arrested in March after missing a court date for a speeding ticket.

School officials said Varner was suspended because he disrupted school by showing the picture to fellow students and was belligerent to the principal when she confronted him, the station reported.

Varner's mother, Nakesha Thomas, told her son never showed the mugshot to other students and that the suspension letter the principal wrote said he was suspended for passing around "misinformation."

"I didn't like, really didn't intend to defame her character," said Varner, whose suspension was eventually reduced to two days.

Other parents told the station school officials threatened their children with suspension for having the mugshot in their phones.