Houma cracks down on underage drinking

Houma, La. -  As prom season approaches, the Houma Police Department is stepping up efforts crack down on underage drinking.  On Thursday, officers conducted a sting operation, sending underage people into bars and stores in an attempt to purchase alcohol, as well as cigarettes.  41 stores in all were targeted.  Of those, only 3 allowed the minors to purchase alcohol.  Those stores include a Jubilee store on Lafayette Street, the Plantation Truck Stop on Hwy 311 and Bayou Express on Howard Ave.

Officers also conducted bar checks at 14 establishments throughout the city and located no underage persons drinking.

The crackdown is funded by what's called a Jude Grant (Juvenile Underage Drinking Enforcement).  This is money that is doled out by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to curb the consumption, sale and distribution of alcohol to those under 21. The Houma Police Department for the Federal Fiscal Year 2012/2013 was awarded $201,496 from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission (LHSC) to provide funding to target highway safety issues and juvenile related crimes.

The Houma Police Department will utilize funds from this grant to conduct various operations throughout the year. The operations are to curtail curfew violations, and sales of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 and tobacco to anyone under the age of 18.