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Thibodaux roads under water after heavy rains

Thibodaux, La. - Rounds of heavy rain left some streets in Thibodaux under water Friday night.

Public works crews cleared catch basins before the storms but the drains and pumps just couldn't keep up.

Thibodaux police had to block off several streets around Abby Road and Canal Boulevard because of the high water.

Homeowners on Lafaye Avenue watched anxiously as the rain kept falling.

"We put barricades to keep the street because the water's coming more towards us with the wake they make, and some of them fly up and down," says homeowner Myrtle Boudreaux. "They really have no business to be on this block... you would think they can figure it's flooded, let's not pass on this street."

Homeowners say it usually takes a few hours for the area to drain.

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