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Crews continue search for missing school teacher

New Orleans, LA -- The search for a missing school teacher marks two months.

There have been volunteer searches, vigils with few leads for New Orleans Police to go on.

State Representative, Austin Badon is calling on the federal authorities to take the lead in the case.

On Mother's Day Toni Enclade fights to go on without seeing or hearing from her daughter, 26-year-old Terrilyn Monnette.

State Representative Austin Badon talks to her mother everyday.

"Spoke with her mother this morning, being mother's day she's anguishing. It's going on 11 weeks that she hasn't spoken with her baby and today is mother's day. It's a particularly hard day to not have any answers as to where her child is located, so my heart foes out and it grieves for her," says Badon.

Crews spent Sunday morning in Bayou St. John searching for Monnette's missing Honda Accord.

"And since she went missing on March 2,2013 after leaving Parlays Bar in Lakeview her mother has pleaded for answers. If anyone was in Parlays at the time my daughter went missing, I beg of you I plead of you please come forth and tell everything that you know," says Badon. 

New Orleans Police detectives have turned up no leads.

Some believe it's time for federal authorities to get more involved in Monnette's disappearance.

"We need the FBI to get involved bring their resources to the table all of their investigative resources and help find this young lady. She is not the kind of person that would have left on her own. Some illegal activity had to have happen for her to go missing like this, it's a complete mystery," says Badon.

Badon is pushing for Terrilyn Monnette's name to be placed on the national missing person's registry. But in order for that to happen there are certain requirements.

"The FBI has conveyed to me that the person has to be 12 years or younger for them to trigger and get involved or there has to be a listed demand for a ransom for the person or there has to be some documented proof of an abduction and so far those things have not occurred," says Badon.

The search for Monnette's car will continue in Bayou St. John this week.

Her mother Toni Enclade is expected to return to the metro area at the end of the week to get an update from authorities.

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