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Musicians nurse their wounds, tally instrument damage

Joseph Maize Joseph Maize

New Orleans, La. — Some musicians who were a part of Sunday's second line parade said one minute they were focusing on their notes, and the next they were ducking for cover.

Meanwhile, Monday police cordoned off the intersection where the Mother's Day shooting occurred, bringing in K-9's to sniff the area.

"Like the song… we actually played that and then looked up and the whole crowd and guns and bullets and concrete [were] flying," said band member Joseph Maize, in between humming the song his band was playing when the gunfire started.

Maize was very animated in recounting the mass shooting he survived. "Like whatever, it was like he just pulled the trigger until the clip emptied," said Maize of the shooter.

He is a member of the band To Be Continued. 

"The second line actually had just turned off Elysian Fields to Villere and we're playing, you know, our mind focused on the music," he said.

But everything changed in seconds.  

"When I saw the crowd running I took two steps and fell," continued Maize.

Maize said he and other band members were literally run over during the hysteria.

"I hope it's not a graze or nothing like that but this feels like a burn mark," he said, pointing to scars and bruises on his arm.

His trombone also bears scars from the chaos.  "See this slide right here, this was bent over here…and I just bent it [back]," said Maize.

Another member of the band said he injured his knee, but continued to kneel over his drum to keep it from being destroyed.

"When something like this happens it makes everybody afraid, makes people start wondering and having doubts about coming out to a good time, because now they're afraid of the young terrorists," said Edward Buckner, president of the Original Big 7 Social Aid and Pleasure Club, which organized the event.

Buckner believes this crime will compel witnesses to come forward and identity the shooter or shooters. And he has a strong message for those responsible for 19 people being hurt.

"My brothers, wherever you are you can't hide. You're on video, we got street video, everything. You're going down, and I don't feel sorry for you," he said.

As for Maize, despite all of the scrapes and bruises he suffered, he said hours after the shootings the show still had to go on. He played another gig Sunday night.

"How did I play? I just played my horn like the band on the Titanic when the boat was going down they kept playing," he said.

And Maize said he will continue to play in neighborhood parades, because the bad guys cannot be allowed to stop the music.

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