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Heroes emerge after second line shooting

A still from surveillance video shows the second line parade, shortly before the shooting. A still from surveillance video shows the second line parade, shortly before the shooting.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas says the NOPD knows more about the Mother's Day gunman than he probably suspects. He's asking for the public to come forward with more cell phone images to help arrest as many as three people who may have been involved in a shooting that wounded 19 people.

Meantime, we are learning much more about the mass shooting that's gained national attention, and some heroes are emerging.

LSU Health Sciences med student Jarratt Pytell, like dozens of others, was having a good time at the parade, until the shots rang out.

"I turned and looked and you saw the guy opening fire into the crowd... just firing, real quick succession," said Pytell.

Pytell says the gunman was firing indiscriminately. One minute Pytell was second lining; the next he was providing medical assistance to many of the 19 people injured.

"The first lady I saw had a bad break on her arm. Another gentleman had been shot in his arm. I took off a tourniquet because of blood flow to his arm."

Lisa Garner was relieved her mother was okay. She has collected belongings that were strewn everywhere by the fleeing crowd and says,"Please come and identify y'all's keys."

Residents say police were here, but they say a few more might have made a difference and could have led to an arrest.

Garner said, "Well the police was on their route... that's all I can say is send more police out for the second line, that's all."

Pyrett said, "We can argue about the little things but until we deal with access to guns, we need to go for the big fish."

Pytell came to New Orleans to teach in 2008, fell in love with the culture and will continue to attend second lines.

"Of course, the reason I stay here is because I love the culture and community," he said.

Others have had their fill. One lady who chose not to be identified said, "Ever since I was 17 years old, I've gone to second lines. I'm done. I'm 54... I'll be dammed."

Six people remained hospitalized at University Hospital and Tulane Medical Center Monday afternoon, three in critical condition.

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