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10-year-old boy experiences second shooting in a year on Mother's Day

One of the children shot on Sunday has been through more in a year than most people experience in a lifetime.

Ka'Nard Allen was hit by bullets at his birthday party last May. Now, another bullet wound on Mother's Day -- he's one of the youngest victims.

"I'm fed up with it, you mean to tell me you can't even walk the streets without a gunshot?" said his mother Tynia Allen.

He and his mom enjoyed the Big Seven Parade in the 7th Ward when they heard something they could not believe.

"I was just telling him run, run, run!" she said when we heard the first three pops," she said.

He was still grazed by a bullet.

Last year Ka'Nard celebrated his 10th birthday party outside his grandmother's house on Simon Bolivar. Bullets pierced his leg and neck. His cousin 5-year-old Briana Allen didn't make it. Last year Ka'Nard said the bullets sounded like balloons popping.

Now, the boy doesn't want to talk about either event.

She shouldn't have took that baby out there. It's all right for you but don't take that baby out there," said Patricia Allen, Ka'Nard's aunt.  "No one should have to be frightened to bring their children to a second line. This is their culture."

But Tynia Allen says her Sunday second line tradition stops here.

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